Poetry Reading,

North Beach Public Library, Tues June 26, 2017 6:30 pm, in Jack Hirshman’s long-running series. click here

Illustrated Talk: October 21,  International Conference on Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies, London, UK: “Modern Art as Inquiry into the Plural Human”.

Very interesting to me how modernist drawings and paintings— of humans merged with their tools (diChirico, Leger, Klee ); humans merged with animals (Picasso, Varo, Ernst); and humans as variable parts of human-made and landscape (surrealist exquiste-corpse, early Pollock)— appear now as a collective inquiry into the multiplicity of human, our conceptions, our relations with our environment; predicting and predatin ideas now expressed in words by contemporary writers, sociologists, eco-philosophers.


Join us for the next Pt Reyes Writing Weekend is

March 16, Friday evening to Sunday afternoon:  a weekend of new writing in the green hills of Point Reyes National Seashore. Restore yourself with quiet writing time, workshop, and good conversation.

here  for more info.  Point Reyes Field InstituteI hope you will join us!

Video: Panel Talk

September, 2016, Centennial Celebration for Richard Pousette-Dart, Whitney Museum, New York. Panel presentation with Charles Duncan, Adam Weinberg, Barbara Rose, Jennifer Powell, Chistopher Wool, Patti Trimble click  here 

 Poetry: Italy    Terra Amata

 The Italian Academia Dramma Antica (actors and students of diction and spoken text) presented my text, Terra Amata (in Italian) at SAC Contemporary Art Museum in Siracusa.

An “invited poem”, a collection of remembered places told to me by Europeans, Americans, African and Syrian immigrants, and other travelers. Presented in Siracusa’s Contemporary Art Museum, some 40 young Italian actors created a performance piece, a collaged remembrance of Beloved Earth. Directed by Michele Dell’Utri, with Doriana La Fauci and Attilo Ierna of INDA, Italian National Institute of Ancient Drama.

In Memory: Bill Horvitz

In honor of my ex-husband Bill Horvitz, who died last week after a short battle with cancer. Click on this link, to listen to a recording from our many years of performing poetry and music together:  On the Road or Asteroids, featuring Bill’s beautiful, soulful guitar; or Clear and Mild, as blessing for Bill.


2014 CDs of Spoken Word and Music— out of round records                                                                               

In the Middle of the Night of the Road of My Life I Found Myself in a Tangled Wood

Patti Trimble and Peter Whitehead. 

Bob Holman says:  “With a stand-up bass as the Circles and Patti Trimble’s voice our Dantean guide, we find that the road  between Truth and Beauty is a narrow one indeed. But with her skilled  blend of poesy and music, there’s no other journey so worth taking. ITMOTNOTROMLIFMIATW is a Classic Right Now.”


HELLO HEAVEN! POEMS FROM ARABIC SICILY  Patti Trimble, Ramzi Harrabi, Abdel Kabir Ghazout

Arabic poems from the Sicilian poet Ibn Hamdis and other, from Arabic Sicily and in exile, (ca. 840-1100). Tunisian-Sicilian singer Ramzi Harrabi sings the poetry in Arabic, Patti Trimble speaks their new English translations, and Abdel Ghazout creates beautiful melodies on the oud. A multicultural art project from the center of the Mediterranean.