artist statement

I’ve been thinking lately about my teacher, mentor, and friend, Hedda Sterne, how in the studio, she followed her curiousity about being on Earth. Was it courage or humility, how she engaged lines of questioning, and changed her studio practice or visual style to further and investigation? Image-making is the language we use when explanations fail. An irrational intelligence so needed these days often arriving when I play. My practice has been a kind of automatism—sometimes using word play and poems, sometimes in gestural and figurative painting—allowing the poetic image, however absurd, to be born, and to speak. I can’t get over that miracle of seemingly-absurd images and thoughts surprising me; how they make more sense than I ever could.

These days I am asking with great concern for Earth how we can see ourselves as a species more clearly, questioning how the world moves through me. I wonder how interrelationships can be honored: and what are my (our) relationships to ecosystems: both wild places and human made, as well as ecosystems of the self, those lands of personal and cultural memory.